Why Having A Holistic Approach To Money Is The Most Healing Form Of Creating Wealth

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A dysfunctional relationship with money


For many, it’s a word that triggers a lot of emotions – excitement, joy, fear, dread, panic, shame.

And with those emotions come different layers of relationship with money.

Some people have an avoidant relationship with money so they’re afraid to open bills or review credit card statements. 

If running a business, they don’t know their numbers – revenue, profit margins, operation costs, recurring revenue, etc.

Some people have a co-dependent relationship with money.

They outsource their power or joy or safety to money.

They say things like:

“If I make $10k months, then I’ll be happy.”

“If I get to six-figures, then I can relax.”

“When I pay off all my debt, then I can breathe.”

But see the common denominator here?

mOnEy WiLl mAkE mE FeEl gOoD.

Meaning if money doesn’t come, then you won’t feel good.

It’s giving “damsel in distress” vibes where MONEY is your “knight in shining armor” that will come and save you.

Which means instead of YOU being in control of money, money controls you.

No wonder we’re so fearful of money.

No wonder we think money is in a land far far away.

No wonder we think being rich is a fairy tale that can’t actually come true.

We’re taught that having lots of money keeps us SAFE, instead of teaching us how to cultivate INTERNAL SAFETY that leads to the regulated nervous system which then brings in more money.

See how twisted that money relationship is?

It’s an outsourcing of your joy, power, and inherent value to money.

Wealth Consciousness is Intergenerational, Intersectional, and Deeply Personal.

So you see that money mogul talking about their mindset, their strategies, how they move, their financial literacy, the conviction in their beliefs, their unshakeable confidence — and think, why can’t I do that, too? 

You recite the affirmations, make the mindset shifts, take the programs, create the vision board, study all the strategies…and you’re still nowhere close to those results.

So now you’re in a spiral, thinking something must be wrong with YOU.

Nothing is wrong.

YOU are not wrong.

It’s because your wealth consciousness isn’t the same as hers.

Your wealth consciousness (aka your money operating system) is inherently unique to you.

Your wealth consciousness is your unique money fingerprint.

It’s an amalgamation of your childhood money stories, ancestral DNA, culture, economic privilege, race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability spectrum — plus all the external factors like educational and socio-political systems.

Basically, it’s not that simple.

And it goes beyond just money.

Holistic Wealth Consciousness

Wealth Consciousness is Intersectional, Intergenerational, highly unique, and deeply personal.

So approaching your money relationship from someone else’s lens won’t work.

That’s why simply “doing what she did” won’t work.

Her “starting line” is different than yours — therefore the speed and trajectory of her money journey is also different than yours.

It’s about addressing all the underlying factors that contribute to your personal wealth consciousness, not just the surface level things:

This is why simply writing affirmations or subscribing to manifestation techniques don’t work. 

They don’t go beyond the surface where the real drivers of your wealth consciousness, and therefore MONEY UPPER LIMITS lie.

Without addressing the financial trauma, ancestral wounds, systemic influence, internalized worthiness – we can’t possibly raise our wealth consciousness and call in money in a way that is SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, and actually FEELS GOOD.

The Missing Piece

Money and Business have always been talked about in the context of mindset and strategy.

Here’s the problem with that.

In order to hold MORE — more clients, more growth, more visibility, more money — you need to EXPAND your capacity.

What capacity?

Nervous system capacity.

And the way to the nervous system is thru your BODY.

Therefore, money and biz growth without the SOMATIC SUPPORT means you’re working with limited resources.

You’re CAPPED in how much you can give and receive.

So we’re flipping the script.

We’re doing a bottom-up approach to money and biz.

We’re starting with the body!

Somatic Activated Wealth

Instead of jumping directly into financial literacy or money mindset, we’re starting with the portal of big healed money – the BODY.

The body is contains our genetic programming around money, as well as any stored trauma that contributes to how we move with regards to money.

As physical therapists often say – “your issues are in your tissues”. So we’re using the body to literally MOVE thru old programming, unserving money stories, and deep emotional baggage around money.

We’re clearing the energetic residue from the past so that we can make space for abundance in the present.

It’s resolving money wounds without any spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity.

It’s the most grounded approach to healing our money relationship, and wealth creation.

#BigHealedMoney Movement

This is what I call #BIGHEALEDMONEY

Money that doesn’t play out toxic attachments and unhealed trauma.

Big Healed Money is an intentional, conscious, and LOVING relationship with money.

Big Healed Money is un-shamed.

Big Healed Money is cultivated by Inner Safety, instead of being stoked by ego.

Big Healed Money is giving ourselves an entire 360 view of our wealth consciousness so that we can have a truly healthy, sustainable relationship with money.

This is why I created THE PORTAL.

I want to give you a safe space for you to illuminate your subconscious money stories, clear the energetic residue of unhealed money wounds, show you it’s safe to receive and give money, learn money rituals to deepen your relationship to money, and give you a sense of purpose for your money so that you call it in with conviction and clarity.

This is Healed Money season, and this is my invitation for you to join me.

Soul Flow Co. is an online sanctuary for conscious entrepreneurs who are here for a big MISSION, and even larger VISION.  Contact Drea to start the conversation!

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