I combine MAGIC (intuition, mindset, heartset, spirituality) and TACTIC (tools, techniques, strategies) to help you start and grow your online business in complete flow and alignment. 

Say goodbye to forced and overwhelmed, and hello to flow and over-the-moon!

 So when it came to a career, I wasted no time climbing the corporate ladder and cashing in that paycheck. After years of proving my worth by working 12 hour days, panic-crying in the bathroom due to stress, and rubbing elbows with the higher-ups, I got myself 12 direct reports, a promotion to Associate Director, and a corner office with the view of the Bay Bridge…all before my 28th birthday. I thought I'd made it!

But after a breast cancer diagnosis and being forced to face my own mortality, I realized this life no longer fulfilled me.
I was ready for more...

Coming from a traditional Filipino-American family, hard-work and financial success were the gold standard. 

My Story

A Spiritual Awakening

My soul cracked open during a yoga retreat in Aruba. I leaned into spiritual practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, reiki, and deep shadow work. I knew I was meant for more, and I was finally ready to follow the callings of my soul.

Stepping Out of Fear and into Purpose

I realized everything I’d gone through has prepared me for this. I took a leap and now I have my own thriving business working with amazing women all over the country so they too can rise to the highest expression of themselves. I’m happy, fulfilled, in full flow, and my soul is on FIRE!

Mindfulness-based, whole-person approach to  behavioral change based on non-judgemental and empowering partnership 

professional coaching certification - duke university integrative medicine

Relevant Training

mindfulness mastermind program - sean fargo's mindfulness exercises

Compassion for self and others at the root. Specializing in Self-Awareness, Emotional Resilience, Effective Communication, Alignment & Envisioning, and Conscious Leadership 

radical love and equity - minka brooklyn + milta vega cardona

Heart-Centered Approach to Recovering from Racism and Racist Ideas 

Fun Facts


My human design is a 1/3 emotional projector. It means I see you. Like REALLY see you, and I'm here to help you uncover your brilliance & unleash your unique magic!

I have 4 tattoos -- each representing a significant milestone in my life.

I may or may not have memorized the lyrics to the entire Spice Girls, TLC, and No Doubt albums #90sbabysorrynotsorry

I was a professional Polynesian dancer. I got paid to do shows and have even won a few solo competitions.

Salt and Vinegar chips are my kryptonite!


My WHY is simple: To be a conduit of light.
And I do this by supporting the people that support people.

To empower every being to unleash their soul purpose so that they can create abundance doing what they love!


Soul Flow Co. is a collective of light leaders and conscious entrepreneurs ready to usher a new way of success — through Soul, not Ego. 


We honor what I call the Quadruple Bottom line: Person (you), People (humanity), Planet (environment), and Profit (what you deserve) through conscious business practices & intuitive flow.

Ready to step out of fear and into your purpose?

Stop hiding your gifts…the world needs you to open up and shine! Now is the time to step up and say YES to you! Those “what if’s” and “I don’t think I can’s” are small talk.⁣ But you are meant for BIG things. You feel it, don’t you? ⁣ I know you do, and I’ll help you get there!

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