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Soul Flow Co. is an online sanctuary for conscious entrepreneurs who are here for a big MISSION, and even larger VISION.

Sh*t's changing. Old systems and structures are breaking down to make room for new ways of healing, thriving, and making money.

It's no coincidence you're here. You chose to be in this place and time because you have big magic to share, and potent medicine to offer the world. 

We want you. We NEED you.

Entrepreneurship is the ULTIMATE reclamation and spiritual evolution. Are you equipped for the journey?

The problem is that the world doesn't realize the power of your work. Our world is built on the paradigm that mental and physical labor reign supreme -- that's why doctors, lawyers, engineers get paid more.

As a Coach or Healer, you're part of the helping industry (think midwives, teachers, nurses, caregivers). And your emotional labor is what keeps the world going, and thus, NEEDS to be valuated just as highly.

You need to get paid as much!

we're shifting the paradigm

I'm here to help you articulate the depth of your work, embody the abundance that is your birthright, and grow your business so you can serve more while working with more ease.

the founder


Spiritual Savant, Valiant Visionary, and  Wild Woman Warrior

After a bout of cancer, Drea has made it her life's mission to fall deeper in alignment with her soul's purpose -- and give less fucks.
Her passion is to support women re-wild: un-contort, un-perform, un-learn all the conditioning that takes them away from their native wisdom and primal instincts — the two ingredients necessary to grow a wildly iconic business and brand. 
She's a disruptor and visionary, and is here to lead a new paradigm where healers and coaches get paid as much as doctors. 

her vibe: a Beyonce twerk video meets Buddhist meditation retreat meets Oprah yelling “EVERYONE GETS A CAR!”

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relevant experience


18 years of Corporate Leadership

Cross-functional leadership, direct employee management, and multi-million account and project management.

biopharma + tech industry


Professional Coaching Certification

Mindfulness-based, whole-person approach to behavioral change based on non-judgemental and empowering partnership.



Mindful Leadership

Compassion for self and others at the root. Specializing in Self-Awareness, Emotional Resilience, Effective Communication, Alignment & Envisioning, and Conscious Leadership 



Radical Love and Equity

Heart-Centered Approach to Recovering from Racism and Racist Ideas 



Intro to Principles of Somatic Experiencing for BIPOC

Somatic interventions and grounding exercises to support BIPOC clients through trauma responses.



Trauma-Informed Somatic Activated Healing 

A radical combination of trauma-informed, evidence-based healing modalities offering a safe and non-invasive means of accessing and releasing the emotional baggage in our bodies.

sah method by sah d'simone

All about

Ethical business practices, ancestral healing, radical accountability, sovereignty, long-term sustainable growth, generational wealth


Spiritual bypassing, toxic positivity, profit-above-all mentality, blame and shame game, short-term gratification, shamed money

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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MAKING magic real AGAIN

Whether you're a newer entrepreneur looking to launch your business, or an experienced biz baddie who wants to expand and scale sustainably -- there's something here for you. Check out the comprehensive list of services we provide, including: group immersions, high-touch partnerships, and online courses.