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My mission is to empower every womxn to realize their LIMITLESS potential. Just because you are a heart-driven entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious and create boundless abundance doing what you love! 

If you are a visionary, healer, coach, conscious creative, or a heart-led leader, you’re gonna wanna watch this!


I Get It...

you are uniquely brilliant and creative beyond measure!

This is why the run-of-the-mill templates and frameworks won’t work for you. 
Whether you’re looking for quick guidance, an intimate partnership, or growth alongside a like-minded tribe, choose one of the below so that we can customize the most supportive journey for you!

Soul biz incubator

A 3-Month group program to help you master the CEO mindset & launch your business with purpose and profit!


sold out soulpreneur

For those craving dedicated support and full time partnership with deep transformative coaching.

Increase your IMPACT + INCOME with your own Sold Out Group Program!

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beyond the magic

Here at Soul Flow Co., we're more than just a coaching business. We're a lifestyle. This means you can shop for products, courses, and other exciting merchandise to help you in your soulful and spiritual journey!


Hello Beautiful...



Your Spiritual Business Coach aka Fairy Biz-Mother! I provide conscious business mentorship for soul-led entrepreneurs, and I'm here to help you scale with integrity and make money with purpose.
Together, we will co-create a Soulful Business tailored to your unique magic, while keeping you feeling vibrant and #alignedaf!

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"it was a no brainer"

“With the past business program I joined, I felt very vulnerable and felt like I HAD to say YES. But with you, it was like, how could I NOT say YES? It was a no brainer! You helped me move the needle forward in my business in a positive way. Versus my previous program, I felt like I was spinning in a hamster wheel. I didn’t know this was possible because I just feel so aligned! This was my YES!!”

 Jacq D’Amico, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

"I was a skeptic"

“I’ve always been skeptical about working with a coach. I didn’t think I needed it. But when I decided to be a coach myself, I thought maybe I do need one. Initially I wanted to see how coaching is like, how you do it, and experience the process. But as we got more into it, I LOVED IT! It was so nice to have someone there to hold my hand and guide me and keep me accountable!” 

Lindsey Chun, Owner of Veda Vegan ayurvedic skincare 

"I made twice the amount of my rental space in January. And in February, I made 3 times!"

Cindy Meckler, Reiki and Energy Healer

"I made 3 times my rental space"

"I feel like a different person"

"I have a clearer vision of what I want out of life and what is actually possible. I feel like a completely different person than who I was when I first started working with Drea. I realized that the only thing stopping me is myself. I had doubts about myself and it was nice to have her there to really show me that anything is possible!” 

Laura Waszak, Certified Meditation Teacher and Self-Love Coach 

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Ready to grow your tribe and call in consistent clientele? 
This is your go-to course with 11 proven strategies to grow a loyal and engaged audience without paid ads or sleazy marketing tactics, as well as a powerful guided visualization to shift your mindset and manifest your next set of soul clients!

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