Why Your Offer Isn’t Selling (and How to Troubleshoot)

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HINT: it’s probably not about your price.  Let’s talk about what it’s REALLY about.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You had a really great idea for an offer so you finally drum up the courage to put it together and get it out into the world. You launched the thing, got super excited, created all the Canva slides, announced it on social media, and while you got a ton of engagement, no one signed up.

A week goes by, and still nothing.

And now you’re in the launch PTSD “Swirl of Shame”.

And in order to “save face”, you discount it 50%.

I know this story because it was mine, too.

I was so desperate to make a sale that I would low ball my own self just to get people in the door.

I thought low pricing would “save” me.

The Hard truth is that it’s never about the price.  

Even if something is FREE or LOW COST, if your people don’t want it, they won’t buy it. (Read that again!).

If your offer isn’t selling, here are some questions to help you troubleshoot why:

1. People Buy Things They Can Imagine Themselves In

An offer that sells does one or both of these things: 

a) Solve a specific problem 

b) Brings them closer to their greatest desire

Are you articulating your offer in a way that clearly calls in the very specific person in a way that paints the picture of how this will solve their most challenging problem? 

Are you painting a clear enough picture of what their outcomes will be when they buy your offer? 

Are you staying high level and abstract with your marketing, or are you being specific and clear?

Remember, CLARITY over POETRY. 

Be clear in your marketing, first and foremost.

2. Launching is a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Are you energetically pulling from your launch?  When engagement is low or payments aren’t rolling in— are you the person who continues to talk about your offer with devotion?  Or, do you fall into bitterness and go offline or throw tantrums behind the scenes?

When you energetically pull out of your launch, your audience can feel that.

If you can’t believe in your offer enough to sell with conviction, then why should they?

YOU have to energetically lead yourself, your offer, and your clients.

3. You Can Only Sell What you’re Embodied In.

Are you selling something that’s cool and on-trend or are you actually selling something you yourself have walked through and are totally embodied in? 

Your audience is highly intuitive and smart AF.  

They can tell if you’re using scripted marketing lingo or are actually speaking from experience. 

AND experience is what sells.

4. People Buy When they Feel Safe.

If YOU don’t feel safe in what you offer, your audience won’t either.  

If you can’t show the efficacy of the offer, they’ll have a hard time believing you.  

Are you sharing testimonials regularly? Are you highlighting your expertise? Are you communicating your experience?

Create a felt sense of safety through social proof, thought leadership, and experiential events like livestreams or workshops.

5. You Self- Sabotage What You Don’t Actually Want to Sell

Do you have capacity to market, sell, and lead this offer?  

Is this offer still in alignment with your current values, passions and interests?  

How important is this offer in your overall business plan?

Energetic congruence is like perfume.  People smell it and want more.  

If all parts of you are in agreement with your offer, marketing and selling it will feel like breathing— easy, natural and unforced.

But if there’s parts of you that don’t actually want to sell it, it’ll show up in your marketing.

You’ll self-protect (aka self-sabotage) by not selling the offer, or pulling back from people who want to buy.

Money is the natural by-product of how embodied, congruent and impactful you are in your biz.

Stop focusing on the price.

Do the uncomfortable work of learning HOW to market and sell to your most-aligned Soul Clients.

Show up with devotion, not just when things are going your way, but especially when they’re not.

BE embodied in your truth, and be the leading energy for your audience, your biz, and your money.


Selling with Soul is a learned skill, and an art. In The Alchemy Room, you’ll learn the fundamentals on how to sell using honest, non-manipulative sales techniques that call in your most aligned soul client. 

Be the savvy business owner who knows how to call in consistent clientele while getting paid for unleashing their magic!

Soul Flow Co. is an online sanctuary for conscious entrepreneurs who are here for a big MISSION, and even larger VISION.  Contact Drea to start the conversation!

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