From Tech Baddie to Multi-Six Figure Boss Mommy: 10 Tips to Help You Transition From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

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Hi, I'm drea

Quitting a promising career and high-paying job to go full time in my business was one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever had to make. 

I was in the science and tech space for 17 years before I started my business – managed a team of 12, led million dollar projects, many times the only young brown gal in the room. 

Growing an online business, especially as a toddler mom, hasn’t always been easy. 

A lot of things I had to learn on the fly, which forced me to be AGILE: being open to experimentation, not getting attached to specific outcomes, radical permission to shift and pivot when needed.

These are all tenets I learned during my time in the Tech space.

So while the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship can be daunting, I’m here to make it less scary for you. 

Here’s 10 tips to help you ease into being that dynamic and agile biz boss:

1) Risk aversion never made for successful outcomes

Don’t just learn how to tolerate risk, actually PLAN for it. 

Instead of always relying on “trusting it will all work out” and coming out feeling delulu instead, I had a risk assessment plan. 

If X happened unexpectedly, how would I mitigate it? If I didn’t reach 100% of goals, what could I do to reach 80%, 50%, 30%? Do I have option B? C? If I scrapped the entire launch, what do I have to take its place? 

This pre-planning helps me not take my launches and offerings so personal, and instead view it from a more objective place.

2) Fail fast and fail forward

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, only iterated “failures” that finally worked. 

Content engagement becomes less of a measure of your worth, but a fun experiment you get to play. 

Launches become less of an indicator of value, but a teacher you get to learn from.

3) Do ONE thing really well

If you have a suite of offers, have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that you can rely on to do the heavy lifting without expending tons of resources. 

This means stop getting distracted with Shiny Object Syndrome and focus on ONE thing for now, and once you’ve mastered selling that – then start adding on other offers/marketing channels.

4) Emotional Intelligence is HIGHLY underrated

Being a good leader is a REQUIREMENT for scaling a profitable business.

High EQ means you know how to deal with PEOPLE. 

And we know business is all about leading people – your clients, your community, as well as thoughts, movements, and yes – your money. 

5) Managing an effective team is more than knowing how to delegate 

To grow a business means letting go of the tasks you’ve outgrown. 

But it doesn’t mean you give those tasks to just anyone. 

It’s finding people who fit the dynamic of the group as well as complement your work style, while also being able to manage up.

6) When creating a product or service, make sure you’re delivering the clients’ specifications 

Features don’t sell, results do. 

Basically, stop getting hung up on how many calls your program is gonna give, how many worksheets you’re gonna provide, or how long calls are gonna be. 

Instead, put maximum effort on delivering RESULTS. 

What does it take for your client to get from Point A (now) to Point B (where they wanna be). 

And be LOUD about those results!


This is the foundation of an effective brand. 

Being able to articulate your vision so clearly and having the strong interpersonal skills to back it up, you can easily mobilize people that “don’t owe it to you”. 

Meaning you’re not persuading people to buy, and instead, activating them to take action. 

8) Take up space

Lots of it. 

You won’t always be offered a seat so make sure you know how to find ways to be at the table.


Don’t just perpetuate the same old thinking, the same old systems, the same old way of doing things. 

Actually create ways to make things better, using YOUR own lens of culture, skills, and lived experience. 

10) Don’t be afraid to be MISUNDERSTOOD 

Misunderstood that your work is too “out there” so you do it how everyone else is doing it, and now it’s hard for you to stand out.

Misunderstood about your intent so you over-explain everything, and now you lose the power of pulling people in through your messaging.

Misunderstood about your point of view so you don’t share your truth, so you get clients that aren’t aligned, and feel heavy to work with.

Misunderstood about your background that you force yourself to assimilate, and now your business feels like a fraud.

Misunderstood about your BIG dreams and unrealistic VISION, so you keep yourself from taking chances, launching the thing, investing in yourself, and speaking your desire out loud, which means you’re safe in your bubble of comfort, but feel the pain everyday that comes with stifling your own Soul.

You’re not here to be understood. You’re here to get paid to lead movements, lead thoughts, lead communities, lead new solutions, lead new ways for us to live and thrive.

What I learned in Tech that I now see in entrepreneurship is: the most IMPACTFUL and PROFITABLE businesses start out as a misunderstood idea.

Your job isn’t to make people understand, it’s to be a steward of your Vision.

And those that still don’t get it?
They were never gonna pay you anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️

So go ahead — go wild.
Do it differently.
Go rogue.
Be a rebel.
Stand out.
Take risks.


Follow those BIG probably-misunderstood visions and dare to disrupt your industry!

Learn how to embody the energy of AUDACITY to be a sought-after, well-paid Thought Leader and Global Visionary in my Masterclass, Unrelateable.

For the healers, leaders, coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have a BIG mission, and even LARGER vision.Your next level will require you to let go of the idea of being RELATEABLE.

Cuz as a visionary, thought leader, and trailblazer — your job isn’t to be relateable. 

It’s to lead REVOLUTIONS.

In our time together, you’ll:

  • take up space without shame
  • release the need for control
  • turn audacity into currency


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