With Me 

I deeply believe that every BEING has a soul purpose, a dharma, and deep-seated magic that is just waiting to be unleashed!

Whether it’s a spark of an idea, a soul biz debut, or an established business — our partnership will guarantee to get you in touch with both your divine masculine energy of structure and strategy, along with your divine feminine flow and intuition so that you grow a sustainable business that brings in revenue as well as deep fulfillment!

Does this sound like you?

You are a visionary, a conscious creative, an ambitious empath, a coach, a healer, a heart-led leader that’s ready to be paid for your medicine.

You’re ready to step out of fear and into purpose and abundance.

You’re smart, passionate, and super capable but you’re tired of piecing things together on your own, and want the support to supercharge your success.

You’re tired of the same ol’ biz tactics and don’t really resonate with traditional marketing or sales, but want to run your business in a conscious, heart-led way.

Who I've Helped

A manifestation coach signed 6 high ticket clients and earned $10k in revenue in her first 3 months in business.

A busy mama took a leap of faith and started her own crystal business where she brought in $15k in sales in 8 weeks.

A mom-preneur earned $14k in 3 months while having the flexibility of getting her kids to and from school.

A Wellness Coach saw 10x her revenue by hustling less and getting in flow more.

A passionate vegan sold out the first launch of her ayurvedic skincare line

A nurse-turned-entrepreneur followed her passion of photography and is now a successful branding & style consultant

A reiki healer made twice the amount of her rental space in 2 months and 3 times the amount by the 3rd month, and is now expanding her space.

A self-love coach embody her work by finding her inner Lionness and following her feet to her dream city by the beach while leaving her 9-5.

An animal communicator broke through unserving beliefs and got 8 waitlist clients for a new program with minimal promotion.

You are just one step away from being one of these women.

They felt the fear, but took the leap of faith — and it paid off. You deserve to define your own version of success, and I will help you get there!

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A sampling of client results

Why Me?

You know that feeling when you are so present and so in flow that whatever you're doing doesn't feel like work? You can go on for hours because you are having so much fun and your soul is so at ease?

That's what I do. I help you create a business that fits you like a glove - custom-tailored to your vision and specifications. 

You will learn how to build a business around what makes you happy, not the other way around!

"Andrea!!!!! Literally this is MAGIC and CRAZY.  Just from our one 90 minute session last night, I woke up with 4 new client opportunities - they reached out to ME! I can’t believe how fast that worked.... IM SHOOK!!!!!"

 Cayla DeRegis, Social Media Manager and Brand Designer

"I'm SHOOK!!!"

" You helped me get clarity on all the things, help me get my first clients, and get clarity for myself, price my offer, build confidence to get more paying clients. You really helped me step into the myself as a coach, entrepreneur and CEO."

Amanda suga , Mindset and Manifestation Coach

"You helped me step into my CEO"

"Making $14k in 3 months was huge because I didn’t plan for it! But with your help, I was able to plan, do my research and do everything you need to do for your business. I didn’t even know stuff I needed to do for my business. You think you can just DIY everything and just research, go on social media, be on Google all day. But to have your support, it all just fell together. So here I am, and it feels unreal!"

Jasmin VILORIA, Florist, Accessories Designer, and Mom of 2

"it feels unreal!"

90-minute Intensive via Zoom

Empower Hour

One focus area of your choice

Mindset and Energy attunement

Recorded video session, yours to keep

Leave with a custom plan tailored for you

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Personalized focus areas to fully support you

Matcha and Meditation to set the tone and calm the mind*

White boarding and strategy in a clean and safe co-working space*

Leave with a custom Strategy Plan tailored for you

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Templates and resources to support you

Pick my brain on anything to grow your soul biz

Plant-based dinner in Manhattan with me!*

Special package in the mail from me to you!**

*For in-person session
**For virtual session

6-month remote partnership 


All focus areas included

Bi-weekly coaching sessions

All supportive practices like sound bath, meditation, energy healing

Recorded video sessions, yours to keep

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Templates and resources to support you

Real time feedback on your materials and offers

Pick my brain on anything to grow your soul biz

Deep, powerful, transformative coaching to attune your energy, shatter limiting beliefs, and reach full blown EXPANSION!

Back-pocket support via Voxer

Feeling                                     or not sure where to start?


I get it! Starting a business is scary, and I’ve DEFINITELY been in your shoes! I wanna help! No sleazy sales call or sketchy pitches, I truly want to help you tap into your inner wisdom and get clarity on that vision of your highest soulpreneur self!

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