The tell-it-as-it-is podcast for healers, coaches, conscious creators, mindful mom-preneurs, and spiritual visionaries where you'll learn how to make money doing what you love! This is your weekly dose of strategy, stories, and soul to support you in your journey through life and entrepreneurship.

it's beyond business, it's about setting the soul free!


Soul Flow


Magnetic marketing, selling with soul, building a tribe organically, making money to afford a life of freedom and create generational'll learn all of this while putting YOU and your SOUL CLIENTS -- the humans -- first. 

Human-first, Freedom-based Biz

Transmute your Shadows into Light

As changemakers and lightworkers, your journey hasn't always been easy. But did you know that your shadows are actually the source of your superpowers? Learn how to do that here. 

what you'll learn here: 

Be L I M I T L E S S

All the mindset, all the shifts in paradigms, all the unlearning of thoughts and habits that no longer serve your highest Self. This is the place for full expression, full flight, and full flow!

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Creativity Constipation (and how to get un-stuck)

5 things that got me my first $20k in business

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My Magic Story: The Soul Flow Co. Story

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Ads? Funnels? The next new shiny social media strategy? While a lot of online gurus tout complicated strategies to get your business to the next level, I talk about the 5 simple (and free) things that helped me scale to my first $20k in business. 

You know that feeling of having SO many ideas but the thought of them overwhelm that you don't do anything and now you feel so backed up because they have nowhere to go? Listen to find out one simple way to get un-stuck.

A story of synchronicities, number signs, divine timing, and all things magic that led me to becoming a coach and creating my business, Soul Flow Co.

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spiritual business coach aka
your fairy biz mother

Her signature process of combining MAGIC and TACTIC has helped her scale her business to six-figures, while helping womxn all across the globe do the same. She’s been featured on Disrupt and Thrive Global, and is named one of the Top 10 Spiritual Coaches by Yahoo Finance.

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Meet your host, Drea!


I get it. Growing a business isn't always easy. How do I start and grow a business with soul? How do I get more clients without using pushy tactics or tacky sales pitches? Can I really make money doing what I love?

Each week, we’ll cover biz-related topics like marketing, branding, creating offers that sell, organic client growth, and so much more. We’ll also explore the stuff no one talks about — healing, mental health, motherhood in business, maintaining relationships, spiritual practices, and all things magic.
This show is beyond business…it’s about setting your soul free! 

My magic is helping you find yours.

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check out all the podcast love...

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Uncover your unique business brilliance (aka MAGIC!) to help you start and grow a thriving soul-led business. Learn your unique skills and inherent gifts, and how to use them to AMPLIFY your offers, messaging, & overall brand!

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