Your 2023 Marketing Plan: Fun, Play, Pleasure

What if your marketing strategy was walking to the beach, having coffee, doing some shopping, and hanging out with your kid?

What if I told you your biz strategy is to do more of what NOURISHES you and less of what DRAINS you? How would that feel?

If you’re like “ What a fucking relief!” Then here’s my invitation for you…

Forget the cold DMs, the following hundreds of people a day, the need to post reels because THAT’S THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM, the color-coordinated cohesive feed, the keeping up with the latest Canva templates. 

Instead, go out and LIVE! Do the things that makes you jump out of bed and get you giddy with excitement!

Double down on FUN,PLAY,PLEASURE- and THAT gets to be your strategy.

Because Strategy follows Energy

When you are energetically nourished, you create space for fun and play, which in turn becomes inspiration for aligned strategy.

All of a sudden, your channels open up to potent downloads. 

Your creativity goes up to the wazoo.

And you being exactly who you are makes you magnetic!

You are here to BE your work.

And no time is lost when you’re not online doing what you don’t want to do. 

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