The most POWERFUL self-talk to help grow your biz:

“I DECIDE that this is NOT a problem.”

Here’s some examples of disempowering self-talk:

“We’re in the same program, how come she’s made all that money and I haven’t?”

“I’ve been showing up consistently  and yet no one is reaching out.”

“OMG what if someone misunderstood what I meant in my post.”

These are all thoughts your brain will offer you as PROBLEMS.

When you accept these as problems, you’re stuck in the cycle of over-thinking, over-analyzing, overwhelmed mind drama that leaves yo no room for the joy and creativity needed to run your business.

In other words, this is a HUGE energy leak.

Energy that could be used to birth offers, connect with community, serve your services, and build your brand.

It’s time to call yourself to a HIGHER level of power.

Decide that it’s not a problem.

Your brain will fight you.

Your urge to people-please will fight you.

Instead, place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and drop back into the present moment.

“I am here.”, “I am safe.”, “I decide that this is NOT a problem.”

Acknowledge the trigger, Feel the Feeling. And DECIDE.

Make the powerful decision that you are no longer AVAILABLE for the bullshit of comparison and over-analysis that leaves you stuck in flight/flight/fawn.

This is the under-rated practice of BEING.

BEING the high-quality thinker.

BEING the sovereign CEO.

BEING the entrepreneur who trusts their judgements whole-heartedly. 

Make powerful decisions.

Call yourself to higher levels of personal power.

Grow your biz with peace of mind.

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