How to transcend FEAR in your biz

People think growing a biz is about getting over your fears…⁣

When really, it’s about TRANSCENDING them.⁣

Having the presence to *gasp* FEEL the emotions that we’re scared of feeling, instead of ignoring, bypassing, and denying.⁣

Anytime you have a fear in your business whether it’s a fear of failure,

fear of disappointing yourself, fear of sadness, or if your fear is super dramatic.

I want you to really get to know that fear.

It feels like a dark cloud right?

And we don’t want to approach it 

We don’t want to look at it

We sometimes deny it

We sometimes bypass it

But my invitation for you is to go through the dark cloud for you to know what is the feeling BEHIND the fear.

And I bet you there is going to be a TRANSCENDENCE.

A VOICE behind the fear

And the VOICE behind that FEAR is your Inner Wisdom, your True Self who has your back and sees miles beyond the limits of your fear.⁣

It’s the part of you that can be a little bit mad like “This is NEVER going to HAPPEN!”

Or it can be someone with the LIGHTNESS with the humor that’s like “Well that’s FUNNY! That’s never going to HAPPEN!”

And if we give ourselves the permission to explore the fear and transcend to that depth, often you’ll find on the other side is the part of YOU that actually has the solutions, that has the clarity of intention, that is grounded into POSSIBILITY rather than fear of the unknown.

So in times when you feel fear creep up, don’t push it aside. Pretend it’s a person and invite it to sit down for a cup of tea. And get to know it.

You’ll find that sometimes what you’re fearing is nothing to fear at all, or you’ll find the deeper root of your WHY, which allows you to feel the fear, but do it anyway.

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