The sneaky reason why you have a hard time scaling your business

You ask low quality questions, and get stuck with low quality answers

If you feel offended by this, good. That means there’s some truth that’s landing.

What is a low quality question?

  • A rhetorical question
  • A question that includes feelings of shame
  • A question that keeps your mind busy thinking as a distraction from feeling feelings of discomfort (Bruh, this one right??)
  • A question that you’ve asked a thousand times before wishing you’ll somehow land on a new solution even though you’ve done nothing to change your circumstances

So what then is a high quality question?

  • A question that serves the health and vitality of your business
  • A question that moves your your people forward even by just 1%
  • A question that helps solve your audience’s problems
  • A question that induces feelings of empowerment, excitement, and possibility

Common LOW to HIGH Quality Questions:

LOW: Why is no one engaging with my posts?

HIGH: How is my post adding value to my audience today?

LOW: Am I good enough to sell this offer?

HIGH: What evidence can I give myself to prove that I’m more than qualified to lead this offer?

LOW: Should I do a masterclass?

HIGH: What feels alive for me that will excite and delight my audience?

Scaling your biz starts with YOU.

Your thoughts, beliefs, energy.

Ask higher level questions, see higher level results.

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